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Glen River

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Picture of River

The artist who does not conform, lives in exile.

Look for "Permanent Exile"
Life of an artist.
in 2017

New Music :

Available at Bandcamp

New Art :

A series based on "Portrait of an Artist". Both representational and abstract.

Self Portrait 2016 cubist

Acrylic on (acid free) 110 gm Paper, 8.5"x 11", signed on front

A series based on 6 parts or panels making Portraits of Artists". Cubist abstract.

6x Portraits cubist

Frida K.
Acrylic on 6 (acid free) 110 gm Paper, 8.5"x 11"

More Art By River

Sample of Scroll Painting 005 - 15

Available     Available for purchase at: Saatchi Gallery

Available     Available for purchase at: River Art Gallery

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