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Glen River

Art From 2016

     Self Portraits

The recent group of self portraits was inspired by van Dyck and Rembrandt. The basic fragmented motif is influenced by cubism. It is more recently influenced by neuroscience discoveries on how the brain process is images and memory. Many artists have examined how we see. They're insights suggest that extensive editorial interpretation goes into what we experience as seeing. The new neurological discoveries confirm that packages and fragments of both optical impulses and memory combine into a stream of what we describe as awareness. River uses these ideas with a hologramistic image. The gestalt Image or the representation pieced together by fragments challenges our memory. These paintings are very difficult to remember. The convergence of pattern, shapes, color and intersecting field-forms look as though the image is a momentary organization. There is a sense that a frozen instant in time has brought these elements into balance. These self portraits are an attempt to understand the laws behind the ability to acquire and maintain meaningful perceptions in an apparently chaotic world.

8.5"x 11"

Acrylic on (acid free) 110 gm Paper









Woman On Bus 1

Rosa 2

Rosa 3






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