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Glen River


The coordination of hand, eye, and mind is the keystone to a working center which will issue a fountain of growth generally described as art. Dexterity with tools and a knowledge of historical precedients (ways other artists have succeeded) form an exchange between the scientific testing method, theory, and synthesis of esthetics into the work of art.

1975 - Nude 2 - Oil, on canvas, 18"x 24"
Artist: Glen River
Painting from a life class. 1975

1982 - Cutting Board 4 - Oil On Canvas, 18"x 24"
Still Life by Glen River

31"x 42" Acrylic on canvas 1972 by Glen River

1987 - Sara's Table - Oil On Canvas, 38"x 52"
Abstraction (from representational subject) by Glen River


  • Figure

  • Still Life

  • Landscape

  • Abstract



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