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Glen River

Consulting for Artists and Students

Glen River

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  • Take advantage of my world class education and experience,
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    Art Guidance:

    Newtown, CT 9:00 - 12:00 AM Saturday ...
    $ 90 per session, a maximum of 3 participants per session

    The student or consulting artist / Teacher relationship is basically: A marriage of your creative instinct and my shared library of knowledge.

    Basic Art:

    The foundations of art are the same no matter in which specific area your interests lie. Drawing and painting go hand in hand to becoming acquainted with visual art. Line, shade, light, color, handling materials, all are a starting point for the beginning artist. In art however, nothing is common to all. Everything is specific and individual. The basic approach in gaining general abilities offers a firm foundation. Very quickly, the art experience becomes very personal. As the personal interests and identity develop, the education must serve these specific needs. The process of growth teaches us how to learn. When that happens, the artist is on his or her way.

    With the basic art class, we build our ship of art and supply it with the tools for our voyage. Basic equipment includes: a set of paints, brushes, canvas, drawing pencils, and sketch book.

    About The Teacher:

    As the teaching assistant to Dean, Bob Gray, at the Silvermine College Of Art, River formed diverse perspectives on teaching. His broad outlook was also informed by the other art schools he attended. The Cleveland Institute Of Art, Art Students League, School Of Visual Art, Yale School Of Art B.F.A., M.F.A., and Oxford University Ruskin School Of Drawing.

    The variety of exposure to art and ideas continued with travel. United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and extensive trips throughout U.S.A. Primary residence in Weston Connecticut and New York’s Hudson River Valley grounded intellect and sense of community. River has combined a love of artistic discovery with old masters’ knowledge and cutting edge technology. In teaching, this wealth of experience provides a dynamic resource for his students.

    “As we discover art, we discover our interior language. This language enables us to converse with ourselves and simultaneously with the universal. Art is extremely generous in that it rewards all who participate. My goal with all students is to equip them with the tools of discovery, and an instinct for the truth of beauty.”

    For Advanced Students:

    The Crit is a review session where a body of work is viewed. The point of this session is to place in perspective the work, the relative position of the artist and the body of knowledge, or library of art reference available to that artist. This is basically a diagnostic procedure. Often for the young artist it may be an emotional experience. So much of the artist is invested in their art, that both real and imagined dangers to the ego loom as threatening clouds. After experiencing the Crit with well balanced insightful artists who share the joy of discovery, the experience of the Crit takes on more of a tribal ceremony where the creative is honored. Throughout an artists career the Crit can be a valuable service grounding perspective. River employs the Crit for advanced students and mature artists to structure a new path or re-ignite an existing path.

    Mature artists:

    For the profound artist as their work matures their audience of peers becomes smaller and smaller. Eventually there are only a handful who have the tools to comprehend their achievements. Like the small club of mountain climbers who have climbed Mount Everest, only the ones who have been there know the greater story. They can share a cup of coffee and discuss possible ways to approach the summit. Each artist has their own mountain to climb.

    Young Lions:

    The Young Lions are how River refers to the ambitious career oriented artists who are intent on making their mark in the art world. These artists may be at various stages of success. Like movie stars with their drama coach, the young lions may need to consult a master of the art. All consultations remain private and confidential.

    Master Class:

    The "Master Work" is the traditional way a promising artist announces their presence on the art scene. It may also be a best effort to get the artist to a new level of accomplishment. The Master Class is dedicated to the achievement of the participating artist in attaining a work of art previously considered beyond their personal best.

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